Don't Recover it, Prevent it™

Vehicle Tracking Simplified

Avoid hijacking or theft of your vehicles, with our customizable 

and client specific vehicle telematics solution.


Safety & Security

Improve your Fleet's security and safety of your drivers with our innovative advanced anti-theft and hijack system.

Remote Fleet Control

Remotely prevent unauthorized use of your fleet from any smartphone or device.

Reduced Fuel Bill

Access to in-App fuel level dashboard and real-time notifications.

24/7 National Vehicle Recovery

In case of an unlikely event of hijacking or theft.
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Who we are

Helping you secure your fleet while keeping track of the overall operations.

Prevent unauthorized use of your fleet and gain on-the-go access to your entire fleet. Together, using data and technology to achieve overall business efficiency by moving goods across Africa in a safe and efficient approach.

By Your Side

We are based in Johannesburg with our products used throughout South Africa wherever our clients operate.

Our Services

Avoid vehicle hijacking or theft with no hassle

For only R224,94 + VAT per month, TiiCO allows you to prevent fuel misuse and unauthorized use of the company fleet

For Fleet Owners

We enable owners of trucks and heavy machinery prevent truck hijacking and theft as well as avoid fuel theft or misuse.

For Truck Drivers

Your safety is always at the top of our minds. Our anti-hijack feature is designed to increase your safety in the unfortunate event of a hijack situation.

For Society

Making roads safer to ensure safety and wellbeing of all road users.

How it works

Access the new way of tracking your fleets’
operations safely, efficiently and remotely

TiiCO product offering can be customized to client’s needs, ranging from fuel management, driver behavior management, managing speed limit or remote engine stop.

Step 1
Hardware installation.

Get internet of things (IoT) sensors, GPS tracking devices and other hardware software installed in your fleet. We simply link the device to our web platform in the cloud for easy access from any smart device.

Step 2

Our cloud-platform can be accessed through our website or mobile app so that you can manage the usage of your trucks and/or machinery as well as gather insights to guide your day-to-day decision-making processes.

Step 3
Monitor Fleet Usage & Fuel Consumption

The platform will also help you monitor fuel consumption and detect any possible fuel leaks or theft.

Last Step
Download Mobile App

The bonus! All of this can be done remotely so you manage and monitor driving patterns and operational risks.


Telematics solutions that enable you to control your fleet

TiiCO was built on the premise of customer centricity, thus we create value for you by designing client specific vehicle telematics solutions that enable you to control your fleet and improve overall efficiency and daily operations from the palm of your hand.


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Choose your package

Available on a flexible monthly subscription of R224,94 per month, excl. VAT

TiiCO Agile

R 224,94
/ Month excl. VAT

TiiCO Remote Work Monitoring


TiiCO Fuel Management


T&C’s for pricing–all prices are based on fleet owners with a minimum fleet size of 10 vehicles. Pricing for fleet owners with less than 10 vehicles can be obtained from our sale team